Is your personal debt piling up?

Get rid of pesky debts and consolidate them into your home mortgage.

Get rid of pesky debts and consolidate them into your home mortgage.
The need to refinance is a reality for many people, and you could be one of them. If you need additional funding for investment or personal purposes including paying down credit card debt, we can help you in refinancing your existing mortgage.

  • Reduce your debt interest rate
  • Extend your payback terms and lower your monthly payments

Paying off high-interest credit debt is within your control, even if it doesn’t feel like it. We help you use your home equity to drown your debt, have one easy payment, and be debt-free as soon as possible – on your own terms.

It’s true. Now may be the right time to take advantage of the rising prices in the real estate by refinancing your mortgage so you can:

  • Consolodate debts
  • Afford renovations to the house, or even a new lane house
  • Accessing home equity for investment purposes

Whatever your reasons may be, there’s always a reason to refinance.

Plan today.

Take the first step into refinancing your debts.  Call a local specialist at 604-345-8551.

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