Think that getting a better mortgage is difficult? Think again!

If you're stressed by your current mortgage and you feel you can get a better deal, let us know.

When is the right time to switch your mortgage from one financial institution to another? On average most people sign on to a 5 year term and proceed to forget about their financing for the next half decade. As you know, a lot changes in this amount of time. Whether it be rates or your needs in a home, at Urban Lending we always recommend a ‘financial tune-up’ at minimum half way through your mortgage term.

If you’re concerned about saving money we can help with a no commitment second opinion at any time! There is no need to wait for maturity. You might be considering buying another property, or you might be looking to use some of your home equity for a renovation project.

The truth is that many people avoid getting a better mortgage simply because they’re worried it will take too much time, or that it’s not possible at all. Luckily, this simply isn’t the case.

Is it time to re-negotiate your mortgage terms?

If you’re not happy with your current mortgage, instead of renewing your existing mortgage, talk to our friendly team at Urban Lending. Whatever you do, don’t wait for the bank. Asking us for help months before the renewal day means we can maximize your chances of getting a better mortgage!

Plan today.

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